Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Fascinating!...This writing enriched my life. – Alphie McCourt, A Long Stone's Throw

Eat, Pray, Love from the other side of the sticky mat…clear-sighted and true to the bone… -- Chronogram magazine

The Guru Looked Good is the superb account of one woman's journey through a glass darkly and out the other side. This memoir is a triumph, I couldn't put it down.
-- Abigail Thomas, author of the memoir, A Three-Dog Life

The Guru Looked Good was the best read of the winter. Marta Szabo writes with a searing insight into what would make someone give up their choice to think freely. This is the book people pretend Eat, Pray, Love is, but The Guru Looked Good is the real deal. -- Martha Frankel, author of the memoir, Hats and Eyeglasses

A gripping, fierce and elegantly written story and fantastic read, Marta Szabo's new memoir, The Guru Looked Good is a must-read for anyone who has ever participated in a toxic relationship of any kind."  -- Suzanne Bachner, writer/director, author of the Off-Broadway hit, Circle

Marta Szabo's memoir hit me like a bolt of lightning - her writing is so direct, forthright, uncluttered. The impact is immediate, compelling - really a page turner. – Dan Shaw, psychoanalyst

This book kept me turning the pages.… It was one of the more remarkable reading experiences I've had lately, and I'm grateful to have read it.  – Charles Woods, book designer

Should be required reading for memoir writers. -- Brenda Mantz, writer

Marta is a superb writer and this book is captivating. – Bennett Neiman, corporate team builder

The Guru Looked Good is a beautifully written, level-headed and honest description of life behind the scenes in one of the most successful Ashrams of our time. I couldn't put the book down until I finished it, for it gracefully answered many of my questions about how people become involved, why they stick with it, and what it is like for them to live and work inside such a powerfully captivating organization.  -- Dr. Ilka List

Marta Szabo's The Guru Looked Good is a must read for anyone interested in personal insight, the human condition and superb memoir… I could not put this book down.
ν    Heidi Washburn, writer and cranial sacral therapist

Having publicized (and read) hundreds of books over the years, it’s always a thrill to find a book that I can’t wait to get back to for the next “installment.” Marta creates the most authentic “you are there” experience possible. – Fern Marcya Edison, Make-A-Difference Publicity and Public Relations)

The Guru Looked Good is a real page-turner --  I couldn't put it down… It is a very gentle, very human story…
-- Polly Howells, psychotherapist

Marta’s fascinating book, The Guru Looked Good, took me deep into the inner workings of the ashram where she examines with great skill and precision her spiritual quest.  Her unflinching self-examination demands that we question our world as she questioned hers and I will come back to this book again and again as an example of finding the courage to be oneself.
-- Elena Batt, Box Office Manager, Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College

I couldn't put down Marta Szabo's book, The Guru Looked Good, from the minute I opened it up and started to read it.  She brought me into the memoir immediately and I lived it with her and felt what she felt. Sometimes I even became her. – Bonnie Patterson, accountant


Anonymous said...

Go Marta! And thank you!
Thank you for your contribution to my journey of freedom and growth.

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