Monday, May 6, 2013

Great Discussion on Yoga & Power

"If a cult-of-personality is dependent upon widespread propaganda and deception, then, the problem with yoga is not just the teachers that fall susceptible to the lure of power. Rather, the problem is that people believe the lie that yoga is somehow categorically different than all other systems. The reason people believe this lie is because the charismatic leaders discourage critical thinking in favor of submission and acceptance, which is reinforced by the benefits that come from being in the good graces and high favor of the leader. Further, because the followers have raised the leaders to such a high position, thoughtlessness now permeates a community that could be vibrantly creative, a community that could significantly contribute to the world in general." ~ Jennifer Richard

I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE TO ME by Jennifer Richard


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Anonymous said...

Unlike my predecessors I have nothing to sell - not yet.
What came to my mind when I read the
quote was this: "Oh - even our opponents admit that
the thoughtless
state is reached." LOL

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