Friday, May 18, 2012

Radio Interview on The Merry Monk

I really like this radio interview -- scroll down a bit and skip the first 5 minutes. Then there's alot of good stuff about what it was like in Siddha Yoga, cults in general, family, art... Hats off to Erik Guzman of the Merry Monk for initiating the whole venture


Marta Szabo said...

This comment left by a reader in response to the interview on the Merry Monk site:

Shout out to Marta! Wonderful MonkCast, and her book, The Guru Looked Good, is honest and leaves the reader free to draw his/her own conclusions – a must read for anyone involved even marginally in a spiritual path, workplace or family with cult-like aspects. I met Marta when I lived in the same ashram and I left in a somewhat similar way – while I felt growing dissatisfaction and disillusionment, I couldn’t admit it, so I asked for the guru’s blessing to leave, have my own house and job, and even took home “seva” (selfless service)projects to work on, and stayed in touch with friends who were still involved. Still, I couldn’t force myself to visit the local ashram in the area where I relocated, or work on the seva. I did begin writing a long letter to the guru over a period of more than a year. What I wrote both surprised me and was inevitable – all of the feelings, actions and attitudes that I had pushed down over the years (also about 10) came out in the writing, and I sent off my letter formally leaving the path. When I started publishing comments and blog posts expressing my opinions about my experience, the remaining “friends” fell away. The power of writing is extraordinary and revealing. The power of humor also. I can’t wait to see the movie Kumare!

Heather said...

I really enjoyed this interview. If you do skip the first five minutes you'll miss Bob Dylan which would be a shame. Hats off to you too Marta.

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