Monday, June 20, 2011


Now you can get the whole book for $4.99 and read it on any Kindle-friendly gizmo. Buy the Digital Book


Anonymous said...

Loved the book Marta. Though just an outsider in Siddha Yoga, loving Baba was easy though I never met him in person but did live in a house he visited often. His books were great insights for me in my early years of studying the path of yoga. Feeling the shakti of chanting the divine names was and still is real for me. So is rock n roll and the ocean sounds.
Gurumayi, I always thought, when no one knew were she was, probably a resort on the Riviera would have her booked for weeks. As I said, loved the book.
Love to write. Have some memoirs of my own brewing. Will look into your workshops in the future. Thanks so very much!

MartaSzabo said...

Thank you for reading, dear Anonymous, and for writing this note. I appreciate your thoughts -- particularly putting chanting, rock n roll and ocean sounds in close proximity. And I am more than glad that you are writing too, and maybe one day I will be lucky enough to read your words. with warm wishes, Marta