Friday, April 29, 2011


During the last week, someone wrote me an email that I really wanted to respond to. I think the initials of the writer were LW. It seems that I have mistakenly deleted the email -- horrors. I am hoping you will see this note and write again. I appreciated your thoughts and questions and would like to write back. Thanks! Marta

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Anonymous said...

Dear Martha

I have just finished reading your book, 'The Guru Looked Good' and I words cannot express how much I enjoyed it.

I am actually mentioned briefly in your book but you changed my name. I cannot believe how similar our experiences of Siddha Yoga are, and how reading your book has made me feel less 'alone' in my experiences.

Also, the subject aside, the book was extremely well written and I found it easy to read, hard to put down! Thank-you for having the courage to write this, wonderful therapy reading it.