Tuesday, June 8, 2010


To all those who read The Guru Looked Good -- I am writing now the prequel to Guru, a memoir of the seven years before connecting directly to Gurumayi and Siddha Yoga. I am deeply interested in finding the roots of why a person loses themself in a group as I did in SY and, as the new memoir reveals, in a group before that, one related to Siddha Yoga, but very very very different. You may find it interesting. I am posting the new book one chapter at a time as I write it. Something new goes up about once a week, though not like clockwork the way Guru went up, because Guru was already finished when I began posting it. This is different. If you start reading you will see the book taking shape as we go. So far I have 12 chapters up. I hope you will find it a good read too. Here's the new link: MEMOIR IN PROGRESS.


Anonymous said...

Marta thanks for letting us know that you're still writing and working on a career as a memorist. I'll look into the new blog and offer FB there after I read your chapters.

MartaSzabo said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Great to have your company! Marta