Friday, June 26, 2009

Praise from Alphie McCourt

Alphie McCourt -- brother to Frank & Malachy McCourt and a most praiseworthy memoirist in his own right -- is the author of A LONG STONE'S THROW, a book that I deeply admire. I am honored that he read the book and had such a strong feeling for it. Thanks, Alphie!

"The book was easy to read, a ready disguise for all the complexity contained within its pages. You didn't go for the sensational revelation at the end, the Chinese food that is commonplace writing. Instead, you painted a complete picture and let us judge for ourselves. It is a fascinating portrait of guru, ashram and, most of all, of yourself. I coudn't wait to pick up the book and read more and I was sorry when it ended. You writing enriched my life."

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