Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28, 2009

This blog began in April 2007 with the posting of the first chapter of The Guru Looked Good. Every Tuesday morning from then until September a new chapter went up. And they all stayed up until this morning.

Now the book is coming out in book form, a paperback that you can hold in your hands, dog ear and prop doors open with.

The book will be out in about two weeks, coinciding with the Woodstock Memoir Festival.

If you can't make it to the festival, the book will also be available by that time online and I'll post information on how to get a copy.

It's a turning point for sure. All the chapters and all the comments heaped upon them -- both wildly supportive and the malicious -- are preserved, not deleted.

For those coming here for the first time, welcome. Below are a few excerpts to give you a feel for the book.

with warm wishes,


Anonymous said...

Better yet, read Marta's book in public, on the bus, casually put it by your side at 12 step meetings.

When people ask, tell em its all about the very same ashram and guru as mentioned in the other book, Eat, Pray and Love.

And that the author was subjected to vicious harassment and threats of lawsuits, all in the name of spirituality.

Tell folks that Muktananda was the one who created the whole abusive mess.

And where many persons who worked years of their lives were kicked out in middle age with no health coverage and pensions and that all this was a spiritual tax exempt made possible by American democratic law, but used the resources and trustfulness of American democracy to support a creepy tinsel monarchy where a very wealthy few were waited on by a low class caste of sevites

And was and IS!! indirectly subsidized by US tax payers who dont invoke spirituality to sidestep their fiscal responsibiities.

Testify, brothers and sistahs!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to get the book out, Marta, brava!

There were some great comments on the blog and tangential discussions as the chapters went out--I really hope there's a way people can continue to have access to those. This blog had its own life, would be a shame to lose it.

older but wiser

Anonymous said...

Hear, here.

These were more than tangential discussions. A support community formed.

And it took off like a Nashville hit right when the ashram tried to bully Marta and and scare her into silence, right after she'd published several chapters from her memoir on her blog. The bullying consisted of threats of legal action, a mirror/lookalike blog that mimicked Marta's blog, and a spate of nasty e-mails that she and Fred had to cope with.

Soo, having seen how they behaved toward Marta (and Liz Harris), all I can say is:

Ghawd bless this great path..

They will know that we are yogis, by our looooveee, by our luuuv, they will know we're in Guru's Graaaaaceee by our Luvvvvvv..!

(reaches for barf bag)


MartaSzabo said...

Older But Wiser, I agree. The comments will be preserved and displayed. I'll figure something out. M

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Marta! Great news, great work. And that's a lovely pic of yours. Best.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks a lot, Marta. I'm sure many more could benefit.

older but wiser

Agatha Ludwig said...

I can't wait to get this book in my hands! I'm going to make a special trip to Woodstock--hitchhiking, then staying with friends at a great B&B in Bearsville. I am so excited to go to the Book Signing and Memoir Fest!!! Congratulations, brave, bold and beautiful, Marta!

MartaSzabo said...

Wow, Agatha! Thank you for this huge support! Safe trip & see you soon, Marta

Anonymous said...

congratulations! As someone mentioned above, what a great photo of proof of the transforming power of truth and accountability.
thank you for what you have done for so many people.

love and best wishes,

MartaSzabo said...

Thank you, Sadhvi! You've been here for the long haul! M

Anonymous said...

Dear Marta,
Thought I'd check in on your blog to hear the latest of you book... You really did it!! Good for you!! Well, when we left the ashram we laughed so hard when I said "we are so screwed!!!"... makes me laugh just thinking of it...
But you've done so great.
and I'm really happy for you!

Your launch at the Memoir Festival sounds wonderful also. You're there right now about to watch the McCourt video... I read all of Frank's books and loved them. Now I'm going through all of Nuala O'Faolain's which are amazing also.
anyway, bla bla...

all the best,
ton ami